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Lorraine J. Carr, Psyd.D.

Lorraine J. Carr, Psyd.D.

Lorraine Carr

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carr is a clinical psychologist licensed in DE, NJ, and NY. Before coming to WIYV, she was a senior supervising psychologist at an agency in NYC and held private practice. Lorraine worked with children, families, and individuals with disabilities. She retired to Delaware four years ago. Lorraine feels a sense of honor when working with survivors of domestic violence and finds listening and empathizing with client experiences, talking out resolutions, and exploring the problems they wish to solve very gratifying.

When she’s not working hard for the community, Dr. Carr enjoys nature (especially the beach), crafts (especially needlework), and playing her harp which is named Blossom.

Dr. Carr is a graduate of the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She holds a Psy. D. designation through Yeshiva University.

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