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Our History

Our History

A Message from Jacqueline Sterbach, Our President and Founder:

Violence does not discriminate. I could not give back to myself or my children what I lost at the hands of domestic violence as a young mother. The hand of violence reaches through every generation until we learn how to stop it. My faith pulled me out from my despair and my voice became empowered. I realized that I could stand up and say I will make a difference; I can be the difference and I can stop the hand of violence and create hope for others instead.

We’re celebrating our 7TH Anniversary as a public non-profit 501c3. In that time, we have fought hard against domestic violence, family violence, and teen dating violence. We have branded ourselves as a trailblazer in our mission to stop the cycle of violence against women and children within Sussex County and Delaware.

During the last year we have responded to over 12,000 texts and calls through our 24/7 helpline; we had 12,000 responses from our Peer Advocates and counselors; over 1,500 counseling sessions and intakes; educated and performed outreach to 800,000 individuals; maintained or set up 40 apartments and households; brought well-being and hope to more than 300 women and children. 

We provide a holistic and person-centered approach: Body, Soul, and Spirit. It’s through trauma-informed care, case management, educational classes and materials, group and individual sessions for survivors that they learn to seek out freedom and find their voice. We are fierce warriors for our survivors. We’re empowering voices for today to empower the generations to come. 

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